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At our Main Shop, we carry an extensive array of tasteful merchandise.

Inside Our Main Shop

We added suits and sport jackets about 20 years ago, which our clients enthusiastically received. They work well layered with our stunning casual wear, and are suitable as office wear, casual evening attire, or for kicking around on the weekend.

The Coop Ink Main Shop
The Coop Ink Main Shop
The Coop Ink Main Shop
The Coop Main Shop


This “Basics” department opens up a huge world of merchandise. We offer a selection of Basics in several collections, styles, models, and fits. We have the ability to access all of our suppliers’ inventories at any time, so if you don’t see what you like, ask one of our staff members – it’s a wonderful way to get to know us. Our Basics special orders take a couple of days to receive in our store.


Dress Shirts

With a wonderful selection of designer label shirtings that we are calling fusion, shirts with a tie or without a tie, dark and sophisticated, colourful and wonderful of course the basics. We love this section! Shopping for a gift? Any man would love a new dress shirt in a beautiful colour that’s bound to be a hit anywhere!


There is a real business approach to clothing this season, dark-striped beautiful suits, medium greys, colourful stripes, and earth tones for any event. There is also a push to leisure type suits that are more casual, made in silk and cottons, cotton lycras, and with wool linings. We find these more casual suitings are spectacular worn with some of our colourful sportswear. If its a unique suit you’re looking for, well we’ve got that also.


Sport Jackets

Sport jackets have become the new outerwear essential. Dinner, dancing, business casual; you name it, it’s wearable! The new uniform is extremely strong in today’s fashion.

The Coop Main Shop
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