Coach's Closet: Series 1

Welcome to Coach's Closet, an online auction where a limited number of Don Cherry ensembles will be available to the public. 100% of your winning bid will go to support Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation.

With the release of each series, you will have the opportunity to bid on an exclusive Don Cherry ensemble, that includes one of his famous shirts, tie, cufflinks, pocket square, and of course a rose corsage that was worn by Don. Winners will receive a certificate of authenticity, plus all items autographed to your specifications.

Ready to own a piece of Canadian sports history? Browse current auction items below. Happy bidding!

Click here to check out The Don Cherry's Grapevine Podcast.

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This foundation was formed due to Don's vision of wanting to do more for those that have dedicated their lives to make Canada a more humane place for animals.

We accomplish this by:

Providing financial assistance to the smaller, mostly volunteered groups with limited budgets & resources to achieve their goals.

Don Cherry's Pet Rescue Foundation

Providing educational awareness to the public concerning animal welfare in Canada.

Providing "in-kind" items to organizations for their fundraising events.

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