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“When men go shopping, women need to tag along.

What they’ll find out is that men are a lot less stressed out when they shop for clothes.

I got some insight into this on a recent Saturday afternoon, when I accompanied a male friend of mine to The Coop, a high end men’s clothing store at Yonge and Lawrence.

If The Coop is any indication of what happens in a men’s clothing store, then I’m ready to dump my pedal pushers and start getting fitted for a suit and buy some ties.

At The Coop, men are told the truth about how they look, however harsh the truth happens to be. If their ass or stomach looks big in the outfit their trying on, or they’re sweater is just a tad too clingy, or they just have questionable taste, they’ll hear about it. And will be forbidden – forbidden – to buy the item.

(Any woman can look through her closet and say, What was I thinking?)

There are jars of lollipops in the store. And even more shocking? The men were laughing. What is going on?

The Coop is not just a clothing store for men – it’s more like a good ’ol boys’ club.

Which explains why men fly in from all over the world to shop here, and some customers have been coming back for over two decades.”

– Rebecca Eckler, National Post

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