Corallos Custom Tailored

Welcome to The Custom Tailors at The Coop.

Our motto is simple:

If you don’t see it on the rack, you’ll see it upstairs in our fabric room.

We carry a vast selection of fabrics including:

  • Loro Piana
  • Barbarus
  • Cerrutti 1881
  • United Wollens
  • Johnny Corallo
  • Reda
  • Zegna

But we carry so much more. We stock hundreds of suit and shirt lengths so that you can feel and see fabrics in sample lengths that are much larger than swatches.Our selection goes with the seasons styles and fashion.The Coop’s fitting room is an experience. Every man has his view on how or what bespoke can accomplish. Well, let me say this: 90% of men can be fitted off the rack, while 10% need custom measuring.

You might be asking yourself, “Why do a made to measure garment at The Coop?” Why not go for that desired look you’ve seen before or make that suit any style you may want.

Choose from classic single-breasted, three-button, two-button, four-button or ten-button suits. We also offer slanted pocket, double jetted pocket, peaked lapels, notch lapels, shawl collars, double-vented, single-vented, no vents, crazy linings, plain linings… the list goes on!

We love fashion and the look is very important to us. Everybody feels differently about made to measure. You have an idea and I have an idea – but the tailor does it his way anyhow! Next time you’re in our shop, just ask us to see the made to measure room and find out how we’ll closely follow your needs.

Our made to measure shirts are comparable to our off the rack shirts and you’ll truly experience the perfect fit! Sure, we could romance it more – but why? We fit you. We put it together with style by consulting our visual tools book, and then we produce it in 2 weeks!

I love this part of made to measure! We have shirts from $295-$600 imported from Spain, Italy, Hong Kong… you name it and we’ll find it!

You’ll even find Sea Island cotton shirts, which boast very fine cotton originally grown in British colonial islands of the Caribbean. It has a far longer staple than other cottons and yields the finest, high-quality shirts around with unusually long silky fibres.

We also offer on-site textile appointments that allow us to bring you right to our fabric source, as the sky is the limit, you may find some spectacular items of choice from some very special mills.

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