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The Coop Ink: Home of Don Cherry’s Famous Signature Suits

One-on-One Wardrobe Consultation Services

I’m here at The Coop waiting for a customer to get here with a client of his, who has just flown in from the U.S. He wants me to make him some made to measure suits and shirts.

Here at our back bar, I’m wondering about our specialty services and this comes to mind: It’s 9pm, we open 10-6 generally, but we know that everyone has a busy life. That’s why we make ourselves available and go the extra mile.

For your convenience, we’ll even come to your home with a special selection of merchandise that suits you! To ensure your wardrobe fits your needs and lifestyle, we’ll closely consult with you to address any concerns. One of our expert tailors will also arrive at your office to measure you for a custom-made suit, shirt, pant or jacket. Or, if you have a big event or vacation coming up, we’ll just show you a variety of goods to help you make the proper selection.

Are you unsure what’s appropriate in workplace and casual Friday dress codes? We also help you solve those problems. After all, we dress people for a living!

Since we strongly believe every one of our clients is our strength, we love stepping outside the “box”. That means we’re here to accommodate your busy lifestyle, giving you convenient options when you’ve no time to visit our shop.

If you have a question, give us a call or email us, whatever is easier for you! I get emails 24/7 and respond to them very quickly!

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